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      16 August 2012.

Our client MATHER (including its constituent companies: Mather & Company Pvt. Ltd., Mather Projects Pvt. Ltd., Mather Projects & Constructions Ltd. and Mather Home Care Pvt. Ltd.) have been in the business of construction, real estate, etc. since 1929-30 with the first company in Mather Group 'Mather and Company Pvt. Ltd.' incorporated in 1944. Our client owns the brand 'MATHER' across all trademark classifications in India except classes 7 & 16 and in class 37 in UK, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The trademark application is pending approval in Qatar.

Our client has recently been approached by few individuals and companies informing our client about land transactions and sale of apartments, villas and commercial space allegedly made by individuals / companies holding out as if part and parcel of Mather group of concerns. Our client Mather has not granted any authority or consent to anyone other than its constituent and associate companies to transact any land, apartments or villas. Further, our client Mather has not done any business of land plot sales in the last 25 years and is not in the business of land plot sales at present. Our client Mather is taking appropriate legal steps both under civil and criminal laws against these individuals / companies / concerns as we get more information in this respect against such illegal and unauthorized use of brand Mather.

Our client Mather including its constituent and associate companies wish to state vide this public notice to whosoever it may concern including but not limited to purchasers, sellers, regulatory authorities (both central and state) that Mather including its constituent and associate companies have nothing whatsoever to do with any individual's / companies / concerns who have held themselves out and who may hold themselves out as part and parcel of Mather Group. Further, our client Mather hereby forewarn and caution, the public at large, to be wary of such trademark infringers from misleading you using brand Mather illegally and without authority.

Further, our client Mather declares that all communications, advertisements and promotional materials of Mather will have the Mather logo in Green Square which is registered both under Trademark and Copyright laws in India and under trademark laws in UK, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Our client also wish to reassure our client Mather's valued customers, clients, vendors, contractors and public at large that Mather, as always since 1929-30, is committed to honoring every legal commitment entered into by anyone with any of it's constituent companies / concerns.

This public notice is being published on behalf of Mather including its constituent and associate companies as a matter of abundant caution in view of the information recently received by Mather as mentioned above. In case anyone wants further clarity regarding any specific transaction in land, apartments, villas or commercial space ostensibly claimed to be done on behalf of Mather, you may kindly contact our client Mather in regard to the same at +91 98950 11111 and speak with Mr. Vijayan M, Chief Administrative Officer, Mather Projects Private Limited for any clarification.

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