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Our Legacy

With an intentionality for growth, a sustainable vision, and a zest for creating nurturing living spaces, Mather Projects has been successfully building projects in Kerala. Headquartered in Ernakulam, with 79 fruitful years of excellence in flawless construction and design for fine living, Mather & Company, incorporated in the 90s has constructed important roads, bridges connecting millions and structural engineering works for key industrial establishments in Kerala. But Mather Projects with its supreme properties across the state of Kerala remains the flagship company of the group. 


Our Services

Discover your perfect living space with our in demand non agricultural plots, strategically located in the best sites with all the facilities nearby. Our history of crafting elegant homes in Kerala’s coveted locations, will fulfill your unique desires. We offer affordable and timeless villas and apartments for you to lead a fulfilling and happy life. For all your business endeavors, secure productive workspaces for your employees to thrive with our commercial spaces in prime booming locations.


Why Us

We are dedicated to providing you with the best, from our 79 years of excellence.

Our Values



Inspired by Kerala’s traditional aesthetics, we incorporate graceful designs that fit well into the modern new age, whilst keeping the tradition alive.



We believe that aesthetics and functionality should go hand in hand, and that's why practicality is our key focus while approaching any architectural design.



We create sustainable spaces that are well designed to accommodate the nature of Kerala’s climate so that your lifestyle isn't fazed by environmental changes.

Our Partners

Mather approaches its projects with a traditional flair of functionality combining the aesthetics of the new age. 

Our Mission

We began with a mission to create homes that not only provide people a space to shelter in, but a space that enhances their happiness. Today, our company has grown to developing happy homes and functional spaces, thereby creating over 3700 satisfied owners. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a lifestyle of joy and not just exquisite spaces. With a firm belief that the quality of a living space must enhance the quality of the owner’s life, we strive to deliver holistic and elegant dwellings that shape a fine joyful experience. 

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